Medi Travel Health Tourism; For patients around the world, combining the most effective method of treatment options and the lowest cost, highest standards in the field of medical treatment in Turkey is an international medical tourism company that is committed to providing their patients. Medi Travel is a model health tourism assistant company with a professional, strong and experienced team.

Medi Travel chooses the doctor and hospital where the patient can get the most accurate, best service by dominating the entire disease process. The patient makes necessary preliminary interviews with the doctor he has chosen specifically for the patient. guarantees the lowest price for surgery and related treatment in Turkey. He will receive a lower price than the price he will receive from the hospital. With Medi Travel assurance, they will be able to get the same service at the same price in the same hospital.

In another country, we are aware of the difficulties of receiving health care in a foreign culture. For this reason, we accompany them at every stage of their treatment so that our patients are always feel like at his home and that they are never alone. We guarantee safe and stress-free medical travel with Medi Travel.

Services for Patients

How is the Patient Achieving Medi Travel?

Patients can reach Medi Travel by

  • Through the website,
  • Through patient relations specialist by phone or mail,
  • Reach out through Medi Travel representatives / offices in their home country.

Treatment Planning Process

If our patients want to come during the operation planning process, we will be happy to plan the treatment process with them.

However, when our patients send us all the medical information and the results of the examination, we prepare special treatment plans for the specialist doctors and share them with the patient.

If more than one method is used for treatment, the patient will be contacted and the method will be decided by the patient.

With Medi Travel, patients have the opportunity to quickly access medical assessments of the physicians who are the best in their field. The condition of the patients is evaluated within 24 hours and return to the patient.

Patients can make comparisons by accessing all information about all the centers where they can be treated.

Patients can compare with all medical technologies to be used in treatment.

Patients can compare all alternative price options for their treatment and select the most appropriate option for their budget.

Arrival To Turkey

  • Flight tickets are taken by Medi Travel or patient depending on the patient’s request.
  • If the patient’s health is not conducive to air travel, patients are taken by Medi Travel from where the plane is located by an ambulance.
  • If patients are required to stay in the hotel prior to treatment or during treatment, hotel reservations are made by Medi Travel, depending on their wishes. Medi Travel negotiated hotels found in Turkey has close location to anywhere in the hospital. Patients can choose between the alternatives they want to stay in line with the budget.
  • When patients reached Turkey Medi Travel will wait the patient at the airport by the patient representative and transfer to the hotel or hospital.
  • The patient will be given a telephone line during their treatment.

Treatment Process

Treatments are made in JCI-certified high medical technology and in hospitals where the best doctors are.

On the day of treatment, transfer of patients to the hospital is done by Medi Travel from the hotel or airport.

The patients do not have any communication problems due to Medi Travel assistants who accompany them and speak the same language with the patient. Medi Travel 7/24 will be located next to patients.

All stages of treatment are followed by Medi Travel doctors.

Departure from Turkey

Medi Travel carries out the necessary organization for the patient to leave the hospital on the day of discharge.

Patients are informed about check-ups and post-operative care before leaving the hospital.

Transfer to the airport is free of charge.

If requested by the patient, the trip is organized by Medi Travel.

After Treatment

Patients can always contact Medi Travel for post-treatment care after returning to their home country. The doctors in Medi Travel’s offices in the respective countries follow the patient’s post-treatment care process.

You do not have to investigate the hospital, treatment options and price alternatives by yourself for the treatment of your illness. Medi Travel does all the research for you and shares all alternatives with you.

All treatment processes of patients are monitored by Medi Travel team and Medi Trravel doctors and patients and patient relatives are informed regularly.

Contracted Doctors

Uzm Dr Serdar Azat Ataman

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Uzm Dr Hakan Özcan

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Doç Dr İsmail Küçüker

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Yrd Doç Dr Atilla Saraç

Cardiovascular Surgery

Dt. Tarık Kaptan

Oral and Dental Health

Dt. Vildan Kasap

Oral and Dental Health

Prof Dr Tayfun Alper

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Uzm Dr Dilek Erdem


Contracted Hospitals

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