Prof. Dr. Tayfun ALPER

Worked Intitutions

VM Medical Park Samsun

He is working at Medical Park Samsun Hospital in Samsun Obstetrics Gynecology and IVF Department.

Main interest and treatment areas:

Infertility, IVF, Advanced Gynecology, Aneuploidy Screening, Amniocentesis

Training and Expertise

I finished primary school in four different village primary schools in two different provinces due to my father’s profession.

With the recommendation of our teacher at the last year of primary school, our fathers took us to the Par State Free Boarding Test İlk.

My father didn’t tell me the result of the mail so I couldn’t sleep. When I said, ”You won college, son. Orm In the morning, I asked, s College, Daddy? Sabah. Am I don’t know, son, we’ll ask, m Dad said.

We won two people from the Army, Samsun College. I’m a college student in no-money boarding house.

I was very happy when I won Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty. For the first time in Istanbul it was 36 hours in the touristic location.

I completed my specialty training in Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. During the four-year education period, we became three separate Head of Department. Although the orchestra was the same, I saw for the first time how the order and harmony could change with the change of the chef. I have enjoyed the science of university and science. I’m fond of it.

After I became an expert, I dreamed of being an academician in Ondokuz Mayis University. I’m living my 24th year now at this institution.

During this 24 year period, I took part in various scientific organizations. As a foreign experience, I spent a month in Hamburg and a month in Houston as an observer for tube-baby. I saw different countries because of the congresses and symposiums. I compared it to ourselves. I had a lot of experience.