In Vitro Fertilization

Before Treatment

Why is the age of the expectant mother so important?

Seasonal season is very important in biological events. The flowers know when to open, when the fruits will ripen, and when the leaves will fall.

What we know in human biology is that there are sufficient amounts of antral follicles up to the age of 35 to develop eggs in the ovaries. Again, scientific data show that antral follicles started to decrease rapidly after this age. Especially after the age of forty, they decrease significantly. On the other hand, unfortunately the loss of unbroken hair, eggs in advanced ages, the possibility of genetically healthy baby is unfortunately reduced.

For this reason, maternal age is the most important factor in the success rates of IVF treatment.

Just as some people allow their genetic basis, if they can stay younger than their peers in good environmental conditions, the age of each woman’s ovaries may not be the same as her age. Sometimes this may have been younger than expected in lucky people, while sometimes older than it should be. Although the age of the father is generally not in the foreground, sperm parameters begin to deteriorate after the age of 35 years. After the age of forty, the sperm DNA damage rate rises significantly. Yes, the age of the expectant mother is very important, but the age of the father candidate is not insignificant.

Uterus cavity

To make an analogy, we can match the growing embryo with the growing seedlings to the roots of the seedlings, the so-called baby’s wife. In this case, the mother’s womb can be considered as a response to the soil. Control of the inside of the uterus with a procedure called hysteroscopy from the outset can be necessary in some cases, in some cases, to check that the field where the future seedlings will be planted is unobstructed. Most times it is not necessary.

Hysteroscopy can be performed before starting a new treatment after in vitro fertilization.

Histerosalpingografi (HSG)

In the case of couples who do not get pregnant, the first examination is the uterine film (HSG). For this reason, HSG is often withdrawn most of the time before reaching the stage of IVF treatment.

What if the test tube is decided and if there is no uterine film? Should we shoot? No need?

Even though the only reason for the uterus is not tubes, there are many mothers who have had their babies without a uterine film. Therefore, a situation of preference, which is not exact, is still a situation where the patient and the doctor can talk and decide together.

If a IVF treatment decision is given for one reason or another, the fact that the tubes are open or closed will lose their importance. For this reason, if many centers come to this stage, they think it is unnecessary to take the uterus.

Treatment Process

Normal Answer Expected

If there is no additional problem (endometriosis, polycystic ovary, premature ovarian failure, etc.), ovarian stimulation is easy. 150 units are sufficient for the warning drug, 225 units are not too much. Therefore, with the choice of a dose in this interval, adequate response is often obtained, which means that there is sufficient number of eggs in the OPU.

While the first warning is expected for a normal response, sometimes there may be less egg development than expected. This may sometimes only be related to that month, which may be related to the response to that month’s treatment.

However, if similar results are obtained in subsequent therapies, this group of patients is no longer considered as ler normal ”responders but in a separate group as artık suboptimal benzer responders.

These easy ovaries are capricious, like compatible people, so they are not less than excessive, they don’t say much unless they are excessive

Excessive Answer Expected

In the group called polycystic ovary, ovarian stimulation, unlike the previous normal response expected, is an unpredictable group. If the given dose is considered to be doz small emi, it does not matter if you give a low or high dose. Another polycystic ovary can respond very differently to the same dose, so you can get an yum extreme pol response with the same low dose.

You can get three different answers from the ovaries expected to overreact:

  1. In normal biology, if only one egg per month is allowed, only the ovaries may end up with only one egg. In this case, since the response to vaccination is much more than the response of the test tube, there is no serious problem with the sperm.
  2. Or, the follicles in the ovaries can grow together, and too many eggs may develop. If so, we continue with two excellent vehicles. a) Using dond agonist triggering ur instead of classical hCG as egg cracking needle;
  3. We can occasionally take 6 to 15 eggs. Not less, not much

Stimulating polycystic ovaries is similar to using a downhill bike. Although it is sometimes difficult to start to go, the main difficulty is slowing down when it is going, and it can stop without tipping.

Weak Response

In this group, you get either enough answers, or less. The problem in this group is that there is very little or no egg.

Therefore, there is no problem that the drug dose is excessive. The drug is used in the highest dose (300 units for many centers), which is known to have no effect. However, another point of view is that the drug can be used in a lesser dose with the logic that ”if you immerse the bow in the sea, the amount is the same miktar.

Here, more and more preferred by the doctor used and preferred doses.

Ovarian reserve tests, ie AMH, antral follicle count, FSH height, etc., may help to predict the number of eggs to be obtained. However, they cannot say that it is not possible for a single egg to pass through all stages and be born as a living baby.

After Treatment

If positive

We’re bright! You’re finally pregnant… Good luck.

But wait, the child wasn’t born. He didn’t go to school.

70% of the onset pregnancies are born, but the other 30% unfortunately cannot come to that stage. Either the pregnancy test does not rise at the expected rate or gradually decreases and disappears. This is called biochemical pregnancy. It means pregnancy that begins to hold but cannot sustain its vitality. Or the pregnancy pouch is seen on the ultrasound, but it cannot reach the heartbeat stage.

In the next stage, when the heartbeats are seen and heard in the ultrasound examination, it can be said that the pregnancy will result in 90% of the pregnancy. That is, the probability of being low is now reduced to 10%.

In the following weeks, the loss rate of pregnancy decreases gradually, it is 9%, 7% etc. But no zero. In fact, when is zero? When you take your baby to your lap, it becomes zero 🙂

In the first examinations of the pregnancy, it gives a lot more detail than the ultrasound of the vaginal ultrasound and many other diagnoses can be put earlier.

If Negative

In order to cope with the difficulties we face in life, we all use some methods. At this stage, the partners must remember that their frustrations are common.

Often, both sides may not realize that because of their grief, the wife needs support (perhaps even more).

Especially if the source of the problem seems to belong to a man or woman, the reactions need to be more measured.

First, we must allow ourselves to experience emotional intensity. Then, after calming down a bit, the queue will come to the stage assessment stage.

Emotional intensity stage may experience some feelings of frustration, helplessness, hopelessness and burnout. These feelings may be accompanied by negative thinking patterns such as kalıp cannot be Bu, ay I will not succeed Bu. There are two important elements. The first one is em Accepting emotions k. It is natural for us to experience discomfort, disappointment or even feel anger at ourselves or for others. Trying to suppress emotions is not right. This situation can reduce our success rate when we want to try the tube baby again. Because as a human being, we tend to make the worst decisions in our worst moments. To overcome emotional intensity;

  • Let us be aware of our feelings and not try to suppress,
  • Let’s share our feelings with the people we trust and love,
  • Let us be aware of the process;
  • Let’s not forget that üze abnormal thinking is normal • and we don’t believe in every thought
  • Let us continue our daily routine,
  • Let us know that you are not the first person to receive a negative result and we will be ready to assess the situation together with our doctor.

In this way, the negative side of our results can be protected from the side effects, we can look ahead and be more hopeful.

Once you are ready to make calm and correct decisions, your doctor (with the laboratory team if necessary) responds to the ovarian stimulation and the performance of egg – sperm cells in the laboratory. Is there an unusual development in the process, if it is repetitive, etc., is examined. They are all objectively reviewed with calm head. Expectations are made about the expectations of future treatment trials.

Finally, a decision is made by taking into consideration the financial resources, the desire to continue treatment and the resistance.

An ancient temple inscription addressed to the wound: Dare to change things that I can change, patience to accept things I can’t change, and friends to protect the mind and me from love blindness and lies to know the difference between the two.

Before starting again

The treatment was completed but the desired result could not be obtained. There have been misfortunes, such as loss of the baby or babies due to pregnancy or excessive premature birth. That is not

Status was evaluated. Your doctor doesn’t say ”give up impossible Doktor. You’re not saying iy Enough is enough Siz

Start from the beginning

Before starting the new treatment, there are some things that can be done:

Hysteroscopy, endometrial scratches, ERA tests, etc. can be performed if the problem is considered to be related to the attachment of the embryo.

Advanced sperm tests (ROS analysis, sperm DNA fragmentation rate, varicocele control, varicocele surgery if necessary)

Unfortunately, we do not have any investigations and treatments for egg quality.

On the other hand, general health measures that can improve the quality of eggs and sperm can be beneficial. For example, they may be more or less helpful if they smoke, do sports, take advantage of alternative medicine treatment tools, phytotherapy (herbal treatment), etc. These factors must be used for approximately three months to see the effects on the body. In the body where the environment changes positively, the positive effects like revival in the plants taken care of can also be seen in the reproductive cells.

In subsequent treatments, it can be planned to use the methods of preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), fertility vaccination, etc., whether advanced treatment methods can be useful or not.

There are observations that both the body and the mind have been rested, and the health chances of the healthier candidates have increased.

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